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Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc.

Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. was founded in April 1987 by Harold A. Loyacano, Jr., Ph.D. to perform acute toxicity testing of drilling fluids for the offshore oil and gas industry working in the Gulf of Mexico. After Environmental Enterprises USA was established as the premiere laboratory for testing toxicity of drilling fluids, an expansion program was begun to test various waste streams for compliance with the toxicity testing requirements of the US EPA NPDES program.


In the early months of 1990 Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. began performing acute and chronic toxicity tests using marine organisms. Shortly thereafter we began to perform acute and chronic toxicity tests using freshwater organisms. For each expansion program in-house cultures were established and reference toxicity tests completed prior to accepting contract work for these services.


These new services and additional work required more space and a decision was made to expand the physical plant. In 1994 suitable land was acquired for the construction of a new building. We moved into that building in October 1995. The building was designed and built as an aquatic toxicity testing laboratory. Some of the special features of our “new” facility are a private deep water well, fireproof file room, four independent environmental chambers and an automatic emergency natural gas-powered electrical generator capable of powering our entire facility. We added a marine amphipod to our in-house cultures in March of 1999. In December of 1999, we added more laboratory space and dedicated it to sediment toxicity testing.


The newest services offered by Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. are sediment toxicity tests (10-day synthetic base fluid and 96-hr synthetic base mud) and 275-day anaerobic biodegradation tests on synthetic base fluids. These test methods are part of the requirements for the testing of synthetic base fluids and synthetic base muds for the general discharge permit for the Western portion of the Gulf of Mexico. These additional services can help many other industries achieve their goals for protecting the environment. In July 2001, Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. broke ground for a significant expansion of our toxicity testing and aquaculture facilities.


Today Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. is one of the largest aquatic toxicity testing laboratories in the Gulf South. We routinely complete 40 or more pairs of 7-day chronic tests and up to 150 acute toxicity tests per month. We provide services to over 100 clients throughout the United States and receive samples from South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We also offer toxicity testing for the National Contingency Plan and can customize tests to meet the specific needs of our clients.


In 1994, to accommodate our oil and gas clients, we added oil and grease analyses (method 413.1) for produced water and completion/work over fluids to our services. Oil & grease samples are analyzed in house with 24-hour turnaround for all completion/work over fluids and typically 5- to 7- business day turnaround for produced water samples. These turnaround times do not apply to samples received near the end of the month, resamples of previous failures, etc. These samples receive higher priority as the monitoring period progresses and as each case warrants - without RUSH charges! RUSH service is available for completion fluids or other samples 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.


As a dynamic company, Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. responds to the needs of our clients. This has moved us into the area of Data Management and Discharge Monitoring Report preparation, including electronic permitting and reporting as mandated by EPA. 


Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. can assist you by providing real-time review of field measurements and observations, data compilation,  and preparation of quarterly and annual Discharge Monitoring Reports and eNOI and eNOT submittals. Our services are helping our clients keep their costs down and productivity up.

In 2016, Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. added Determination of Crude Oil Contamination in Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), EPA Method 1655, with 1- to 2- day standard turnaround time.  RUSH services are available.

Most recently, after 30 years of toxicity testing and in-house culturing, Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. has added supplying quality test organisms to the services provided.  In-house chronic and acute standard reference toxicity data and control charts available upon request.

Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. offers you cost effective means of meeting your testing, data compilation, and annual reporting requirements. Please evaluate our company, services, and charges carefully and consider giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to your satisfaction.


In September of 2013, Harold A. Loyacano sold Environmental Enterprises USA, Inc. to David Daniel. David was most recently Environmental Enterprises USA’s General Manager and has been with the company for more than30 years.

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