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Sediment Toxicity Tests

Sediment Toxicity Tests were developed to determine if chemicals that have settled and accumulated in the sediment are harmful to benthic organisms living within that habitat. These toxicity tests can be used to evaluate dredged materials, measure toxicity of products, and much more.

EE USA currently has 1 amphipod species cultured in-house:

  • Leptocheirus plumulosus

Other species that can be purchased from aquatic testing organism suppliers and that our technicians are experienced testing include:

  • Chironomus dilutus

  • Corophium volutator 

  • Ampelisca abdita

EE USA's staff are thoroughly and annually trained to perform tests according to Standard Operating Procedures developed following EPA methodology and NELAP standards. They have the skills and experience to develop methods for special projects as well as complete primary test methods.

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